Basement Repair in Ireland

Basement Repair in Ireland

Dampness and Leaks are some of the most commonly encountered problems in houses and could cause a lot more issues in the future if not dealt with immediately. What causes basement dampness and leaks is untreated moisture coming from lack of ventilation, groundwater, and other exterior sources making your basement an ideal spot for leaks, dampness, and mould to grow. For those looking for a basement repair in Ireland, we’ll be tackling some of the things you need to know about rising dampness, penetrating dampness, mould, and how to prevent them.

How to prevent and get rid of dampness, leaks, and mould in the basement?

Suppose you have a mould situation in your basement; the actions required will vary as many factors you need to consider. You should be able to get rid of mould using a bleach solution or a mould cleaner explicitly made for severe condensation conditions. While getting rid of the mould off walls is one thing, finding what causes the problem is crucial so you won’t encounter the same situation in the future.

Understanding the most common causes of moisture issues helps you gauge the necessary actions to solve your basement problem.

  • Inadequate Grading

Inadequate grading is when the ground surface slopes towards your house, which contributes to excess water soaking into your walls. This situation will gradually deteriorate your house’s foundation, which also causes rising dampness and moisture. Adding soil next to the foundation is one of the best prevention of inadequate grading.

  • Faulty Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts are crucial for the integrity and structure of your home for a reason. Without gutters and downspouts, rainwater will go straight to your home’s foundation, which tends to cause floor and moisture buildup. Repairing those gutters and ensuring that you have a system to mitigate water going straight towards your home’s foundation is an excellent way to prevent moisture problems in the future.

  • Structural Issues

If you happen to have cracks in your foundation, it could potentially cause moisture buildup as water can go through those cracks and enter your basement. In some cases, water tends to cause the crack problem, so recommended actions might vary to fix this problem. 

Proper footing and connections should be set in place to prevent the cracks and save you from water flowing through your basement which prevents you from experiencing moisture problems.

dampness, leaks, and mould on the wall

What is a Damp Proof Course (DPC)?

Every property must apply a damp proof course to protect and prevent your house from potential structural damage or even health-compromising effects of rising dampness. Damp Proof Course is a chemical injection explicitly used in damp proofing. In this case, the preferable type of DPC for basements is Potassium Methyl Silicone. Understand that this is a standard measure for any building or property as mould buildup has been an overbearing issue ever since structural buildings were built.

Which type of Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) is recommended for Basement floor and wall crack repair?

Basement Floors are vulnerable to dampness and commonly occur in local areas with a water table, or your property lacks DPC due to deterioration. In this case, the preferable type of DPM for basements is Technoseal DPM This will be applied to basement floors2 by hired professionals to protect your property and prevent rising dampness from spreading and causing any further damage to your basement floor

Another method of applying membrane or coating through the surface of your basement walls is called Basement Tanking. This inhibits moisture from penetrating your property from the ground up or your walls, thus creating a waterproof basement. 

Although several treatments are used for basement tanking, one of the most effective methods is the application of Tanking Slurry, which is an explicit formula made to prevent water ingress. Other treatments such as Wykamol CM8 and Flexible Tanking Membrane are also excellent for waterproofing on areas subject to vibration or minor substrate movement.

How much does a chemical damp proof course cost?

Suppose you’re looking to conduct building waterproofing in Ireland. In that case, you’ll need a high-quality DPC to ultimately protect your property from any potential structural damages, such as black mould in the basement.  Damp-proof courses will generally run between €20 to €30 per linear meter around the wall.  

How much does basement dampproofing cost?

Damp-proof Tanking Membrane will generally run between €20 to €40 per linear meter around the wall depending on the method and material used. 

Best Basement Repair

We’re sure that we’ve got it under control, whatever your basement situation is. The Damp Store has been around for quite a while now and continuously offers high-quality and effective service for our beloved clients. Rest assured, you’ll be dealing with trained specialists in Ireland that have tons of experience with vast amounts of damp cases. Visit us at The Damp Store or contact us today!

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