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Frequently Asked Questions

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Rising Damp can be identified by tide marks on the walls at or above the skirting level . Flaking paint and crumbling plaster are also tell-tale signs of Rising Damp. Read more on our Rising Damp blog post.

Evidence of condensation will show up on walls and windows usually before you see black mould. Black Mould will be visible to the naked eye after time on walls, ceilings, wardrobes clothes, grout and other places around the building.

Read More on our Condensation and Black Mould Blog Post

The Damp Store can carry out complete renovations of homes and buildings that are affected by dampness from demolishing and removing old defective plaster, damp proofing the areas, insulation and dry lining, to the timberwork associated and replastering to a skim finish. The Damp Store partners with several professional trade contractors to manage other aspects of a project such as electrical, plumbing and heating, and can refer any structural or specialized work to a trusted team of professionals.

One of The Damp Store’s qualified surveyors will call to make an appoint for the Survey. After the initial inspection the Surveyor will provide a report and outline thework that needs to be done. Once the works are agreed upon the Damp Store’s technicians will arrive on the agreed date(s) to carry out the work.

If the work is carried out to the Damp Store specification in full, and the Surveyor’s recommendation that the work can be guaranteed, then you will receive a guarantee for the work.