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How Tanking Membrane Treats Rising Damp

Understanding Basement Tanking Membrane in Ireland

You might think that damage to a structure is something you can easily see. That is often not the case when a building suffers from water ingress; it can happen without the owner even realizing it. 

Rising damp is a common problem in Ireland, particularly in older buildings. It occurs when moisture from the ground rises up into the walls and floors due to capillary action. The dampness leads to crumbling brickwork, rotting timber, mold growth, and unhealthy indoor air quality. Tackling rising damp is essential for preserving old and new buildings and creating comfortable living spaces.

In Ireland’s temperate oceanic climate, heavy rainfall and high groundwater levels contribute to issues with rising dampness. For instance, historic buildings in coastal towns like Galway can be prone to excess moisture. Poor drainage around buildings and using porous construction materials also increase vulnerability. Basements and cellars built directly onto the earth are especially prone to dampness. For example, a pub in Cork with a dirt-floor basement may have wet walls and fungus growth.

Construction professionals and homeowners in Ireland have found that HydraFlex Flexible Tanking Membrane offers superior protection against dampness and water damage. We will see how this product has become the first choice of builders, waterproofing contractors, and anyone who wishes to combat dampness. 

Advantages of Using HydraFlex Flexible Tanking Membrane

HydraFlex Flexible Tanking Membrane provides a protective coating against both surface and groundwater. This is especially helpful for subsurface locations most prone to water-related challenges. Moreover, even in extreme weather conditions, HydraFlex performs admirably, further strengthening the structure’s resistance to water and dampness.

HydraFlex, a premium elastomeric waterproof tanking membrane for brickwork, concrete, and stone, is noted for its:

  • Durability: It provides permanent waterproofing for concrete and masonry.
  • Ease of application: The bag and bottle system ensures accurate and simple mixing.
  • Waterproofing: Superior crack-bridging capability, even at sub-zero temperatures, makes it ideal for high-risk areas.
  • Flexibility: Its exceptional workability provides easy application on vertical and overhead surfaces.
  • Compatibility: HydraFlex is a versatile product that can be used in a variety of areas.

With all of these advantages, HydraFlex is the product of choice for basement waterproofing applications, from new builds to renovations, including historic building conservation.

Prepare to Apply HydraFlex

When tackling dampness issues, you’ll benefit from knowing how best to apply HydraFlex.

Before applying the product, it’s recommended to complete the following steps to ensure the best results:

  • All water leaks must be fixed with a plugging compound, such as HydraDry Waterstop. 
  • The area should be cleaned, ensuring an even surface.
  • Exposed metal should be painted with a corrosion inhibitor.
  • Any sharp angle changes in the membrane installation should be avoided. 

Priming of the surface may also be necessary.


Once the above issues have been addressed, HydraFlex is prepared by mixing its Polymer B with Powder A. Complete directions are found on this page

Two important points should be noted: HydraFlex has a pot life of 40 minutes after mixing. Also, the user should not add any other ingredients to the mix since it will negatively affect HydraFlex’s properties.

How to Apply

  • Apply HydraFlex with a roller, brush, or trowel. The first layer should have a minimum thickness of 1 mm.
  • Ensure the first layer is worked into the surface so there is no trapped air.
  • Let the first layer cure for at least 5 hours (longer in colder temperatures) before applying the second layer.
  • The second coat should be applied at a 90° angle to the first, with a minimum overall thickness of 2 mm.

The usefulness of HydraFlex extends beyond commonplace applications. It has proven effective in a variety of specialized instances, including the protection of newer and existing buildings.

Applications of Tanking Membrane in Ireland’s Construction Industry 

The Damp Store’s Solutions Surpass Construction Standards 

The Damp Store offers years of waterproofing experience and superior products that surpass construction standards. In newer and historic buildings, The Damp Store’s waterproofing solutions have solved these and more dampness problems:

  • The UCD Sutherland School of Law – This project illustrates how The Damp Store provided waterproofing services to a newer build. Horizontal and vertical tanking were applied.
  • Trinity College Library – The Damp Store performed conservation work beneath the library to help preserve its heritage. 
  • The CHQ Building – A link to Dublin’s past, The Damp Store helped preserve this architectural masterpiece, which was once the port area’s busiest warehouse.

These projects and many others completed by The Damp Store show how waterproofing can be applied to protect structures of all types.

Trust The Damp Store for HydraFlex Tanking Membrane and Professional Waterproofing Services

Whether a fresh project or a renovation, The Damp Store is equipped to provide effective, long-lasting waterproofing solutions. While some people decide to purchase and use HydraFlex themselves, perhaps you would like professional waterproofing services for your property. The Damp Store offers its comprehensive and highly effective Damp Remediation Service, of which tanking membrane and slurry are important parts. 

Don’t let rising damp damage your property. Contact The Damp Store, and we will arrange for a surveyor to inspect, detect, and diagnose your building’s issues

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is HydraFlex Tanking Membrane, and how does it work?

HydraFlex Tanking Membrane is a waterproofing material designed to provide the ultimate protective barrier against water penetration and leakage in various construction applications.

2. How does tanking membrane work?

A tanking membrane creates an impermeable layer on the surface to which it is applied. It is designed to stop water from infiltrating and causing water-related damage.

3. How is tanking membrane installed?

Installing a tanking membrane requires several steps, including surface preparation, membrane application, and ensuring proper adhesion.

4. What is basement tanking membrane?

Basement tanking membrane is a waterproofing solution designed to protect basements from the threat of water-related damages, ensuring long-term structural integrity.

5. What is waterproof tanking membrane?

Waterproof tanking membrane refers to the material used in construction to provide a watertight barrier, preventing water ingress and subsequent damage.

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