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How to Treat and Prevent Black Mould and Mildew in Ireland in 3 easy Steps

Make sure to check out our best tips to find out the dangers of Black Mould and how to identify it!

Black Mould on ceiling and other areas can have adverse effects on health, cause cosmetic issues and being a general eyesore in your home or building. Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, this guide will help you treat and prevent Black Mould and Mildew in most cases. The supplies that you’ll need for this are; Fungicidal Mould Wash, Anti-Mould Paint Additive, cloths and painting supplies. Optional extras include a humidistat, dehumidifier and Insulating Paint.

Step 1: Kill the Mould/Mildew 

The Mould needs to be treated with a fungicidal wash to ensure the fungus is killed and prevent the spores from becoming airborne. In some cases, bleach may not kill the mould and actually promote it to grow back quicker. Spray the affected area down with a fungicidal wash and then wash with warm soapy water. Repeat as necessary. The Damp Store’s No More Damp Mould Eradication Kit will have most of the required tools and supplies.

Step 2: Treat the area

Once the Mould is killed and the area is clean and dry, you should apply an anti mould paint or spray on the area. This will prevent the growth of mould on the surface. Above mould kit

Step 3: Prevention of the Source

The underlying cause of Black Mould and Mildew is a high level of humidity in the room. When the humidity level rises above 60% it allows condensation to form on cold surfaces and creates the ideal conditions for mould and mildew to grow. 

To keep the humidity level below 60% there are several things you can do. Having a humidistat to measure the humidity is a good step to take so you can understand your situation and decide how much or how little you need to do. Running a dehumidifier like our Wood’s MDK11 Dehumidifier in the affected area will reduce the humidity and will help in the more severe cases of high humidity. In lesser cases, small changes in lifestyle can fix the problem almost instantly. The key things you need to look out for when living with these conditions are that you control the ventilation by making sure you run the extractor fan in the bathroom, preferably on a timer for 10-15 minutes after the shower, use the extractor in the kitchen when cooking, and also avoid drying clothes inside while keeping your heating level consistent throughout the building. 

Bonus Tip; If you have mouldy clothes in a wardrobe or closet, you can increase the ventilation or put some small dehumidifier packets in there to help.

If the problem persists after implementing the above, get in touch with a specialist at The Damp Store for further advice.

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    Hi folks,
    i get black mould on the window seals in every room of my house. how can i 1, get rid of existing problem, and 2 prevent it from recurring. Do you carry out domestic surveys in galway for mold, and mold type identification?

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