Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm treatment is one of the common challenges homeowners deal with when they have a lot of wood furniture and even have wood floorings. The chances of woodworm infestation get even higher when you don’t have enough ventilation, causing leaks and damp surfaces.

So you want to learn more about these notorious timber invaders, what they look like, what causes them to infest your wood structures, and how to identify and prevent them from feasting on your timbers? We’ll try to answer all your questions and give proper recommendations on best practices for your woodworm treatment.


What Does Woodworm Look Like?

First and foremost, what does it look like? It’s important to note that these wood-eating larva species are in their early stages of becoming beetles. You can easily distinguish woodworm species through their round bodies and have the appearance of a hood in their head.

Signs You Have Woodworm Issue at Your Home?

There are many signs and indicators to look out for to determine if you have woodworm infestation on your furniture or wood floorings.

Tiny Holes

Woodworm are notorious for feasting on timber materials, and one of the most common indicators of their infestations is tiny exit holes. Make sure to check all your wood floor surfaces, wood furniture, walls, and other wood materials in the house/property and check to see if there are tiny visible holes to know whether you have a severe woodworm infestation problem or not.

Timber Dust

Another indicator of woodworm is timber dust. When they are slowly infesting your wood structures, they tend to make small holes for an exit. However, if the tiny holes aren’t visible enough for you to notice, timber dust is another way or sign with active woodworm infestations on your wood structures.

Crumbling Timber

Woodworms slowly deteriorate your wood structures, and this causes your woods to crumble apart. This is also one of the main reasons why woodworm beetle treatments are vital before it causes any more significant damage to your wood structures.

Woodworm signs on wood

Growing Beetles at Your Home

It’s important to note that woodworms will eventually turn into beetles. Therefore, if you notice a concerning amount of beetles in your home, this might mean that you have an active woodworm infestation that needs to be taken care of immediately through woodworm killer and woodworm treatments.

How to Treat Woodworm?

Woodworm treatment could be a strenuous activity. It is advisable to call a woodworm timber treatment professional if you notice a severe case of woodworm infestation at your home for safety purposes. They would know what appropriate actions are needed for complex situations based on their professional experiences. 

If you’re dealing with a mild woodworm infestation, a DIY solution you could take is through using a Woodworm Killer. This chemical solution is explicitly made to kill pests infesting your wood structures and hamper their growth. Gently spraying woodworm killers to your affected timbers should get the job done. However, it’s important to note that you should be wearing protective clothing before and during the entire woodworm treatment process to prevent harmful chemical exposure.

What is a Woodworm Damp Solution?

The best treatment for woodworm problems is killing it from the source. That being said, it is why professionals in this area conduct a survey and visit first to understand what type of pests you are dealing with for them to know the best treatment method and required actions for any specific woodworm cases.

One of the critical factors in woodworm infestation and most of these surveys are conducted to find out what’s causing the dampness, intending to mitigate the situation and prevent your timbers from woodworm infestation.
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