Voltex Geotextile


Geotextile Membrane

The Damp Store’s specialist installers can work with products such as Voltex Volclay to prepare your site for concrete pours. Let us worry about the pipes and other fittings that need to be dealt with.

Drainage MEmbrane


Drainage Membrane

The Damp Store can install products such as Wykamol CM8, Delta Plater Mesh, Triton Platon Membrane and Basement Systems and many more. Fill out the form below for a quote or give us a call.

Bituthene Installation



The Damp Store are specialist installers of Grace products such as Bituthene 4000, Bituthen 8000, Preprufe as well as others like Bitflex, Hey’di, Water Plug from BASF and more. Fill out the form below to talk to a specialist.