The dangers of Black Mould and how to spot it.

What is Black Mould and how to spot it?

Black mould or Stachybotrys chartarum is a micro fungus usually found in damp or water-damaged buildings. It releases spores while it grows by feeding on common household materials like plasterboard, grout, or damp timbers and painted surfaces.

You can spot the early signs of mould in your home or building as condensation on walls, windows, and other cold surfaces. The mould may then start to appear as black spots in the worst affected areas. It becomes more noticeable in Bathrooms and Bedrooms where a higher humidity level is common. Pay particular notice to grout and silicone, windows, wardrobes, and painted surfaces especially exterior walls or low air circulation areas.

How does it happen?

Black Mould usually shows up after a consistently high level of humidity that leads to condensation or often from leaks. Rising Damp can also add to the moisture levels in the area and worsen the problem. High levels of humidity can be caused by a number of factors. We will go into detail on how to prevent this in the next post. Please check back. For immediate issues, you can purchase a DIY Mould Eradication Kit direct from The Damp Store to combat the mould and stop its effects where possible.

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What effects does it have on my health?

According to Black Mould has the biggest impact on the respiratory system. People exposed to black mould for a long period of time would experience Chronic coughing, Mucus build-up, as well as other issues like irritation to eyes, sore throat, fatigue, and headaches. 

It can also trigger allergic reactions and symptoms of Asthmas even for those who don’t actually have asthma. People with respiratory problems like asthmas or COPD can see their symptoms and effects worsened by mould spores in the air.

Even without the presence of Mould, dampness from condensation can cause issues such as dust mites, insects and bacteria which can also harm your health.

Check out our best guide to prevent and combat Toxic Black Mould in 3 easy steps.

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