Is Dampness Ruining Your Home? 

Damp problems are not just an aesthetic nuisance; they can be a menace that slowly, yet relentlessly, erodes the very foundation of your home.

The Dampstore team delve into the insidious nature of dampness and its potential to ruin your living space. From hidden leaks to rising dampness and condensation, we investigate the various culprits behind these issues and their disastrous consequences for your property.

Common Causes of Dampness

Dampness is a common issue faced by homeowners in Ireland, thanks to the country’s moist and rainy climate. Excess moisture can seep into buildings through various means, such as leaks, rising damp from the ground, or condensation. If left untreated, damp problems can lead to serious structural damage, compromising the integrity of your home and causing health risks due to mold and mildew growth.

To combat this relentless foe, damp proofing products have become essential tools for homeowners in Ireland. These products are designed to prevent or alleviate damp issues, safeguarding your property and ensuring a healthy living environment.

Experienced Damp Proofing Company in Ireland

As a damp proofing company operating in different parts of Ireland, our primary goal is to provide effective solutions to cure your dampness problems and protect your home from the detrimental effects of excess moisture. With a team of experienced professionals and a range of specialized damp proofing products and techniques, we aim to address various damp issues that homeowners face in Ireland’s damp-prone climate.

Our  Damp proofing services are available to those residing in these local places.

Damp Proofing Products

Basement Tanking

Damp Store Tanking Slurry


Basement Tanking

HydraDry WaterStop 5kg


Basement Tanking

HydraDRY Tanking Slurry



Mould Eradication Kit


Basement Tanking

Wykamol CM8

Original price was: €450.00.Current price is: €220.00.

Basement Tanking

Hey’di K11 Tanking Slurry

Original price was: €75.00.Current price is: €65.00.
Original price was: €75.00.Current price is: €70.00.

Best Selling Products

Original price was: €15.00.Current price is: €12.00.

Floor Treatment

Technoseal Floor DPM

Original price was: €80.00.Current price is: €60.00.

Basement Tanking

HydraDRY Tanking Slurry


External Waterproofing

DrySeal Masonry Protection Cream

Original price was: €120.00.Current price is: €90.00.

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