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Today, we are Ireland’s leading specialist restoration contractors and are happy to advise architects, local authorities, builders, and private home owners concerning individual projects.

We pride ourselves on our expertise in dealing with the special challenges of basement waterproofing and rising damp, dry rot, woodworm infestations and structural repair. We are fully accredited WYKAMOL contractors and are also able to offer peace-of-mind guarantees backed by independent insurance.


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Finding the suitable contractor that you can trust to handle your property well is not that easy. The Damp Store ensures that our clients are always satisfied by giving expert recommendations, and unparalleled quality of service.

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Voltex Geotextile


Geotextile Membrane

The Damp Store’s specialist installers can work with products such as Voltex Volclay to prepare your site for concrete pours. Let us worry about the pipes and other fittings that need to be dealt with.

Drainage MEmbrane


Drainage Membrane

The Damp Store can install products such as Wykamol CM8, Delta Plater Mesh, Triton Platon Membrane and Basement Systems and many more. Fill out the form below for a quote or give us a call.

Bituthene Installation



The Damp Store can install products such as Wykamol CM8, Delta Plater Mesh, Triton Platon Membrane and Basement Systems and many more. Fill out the form below for a quote or give us a call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Damp proofing effectively combats rising damp issues by preventing moisture from seeping into the structure. In Louth, Ireland, damp proofing solutions are crucial due to the region’s damp climate. Professional rising damp treatments provide long-lasting protection against moisture, preserving the integrity of buildings and enhancing indoor comfort. Installing a damp proof membrane further fortifies structures against potential water damage.

Damp proofing in Ireland requires a multifaceted approach, especially when learning more about how to treat damp walls internally. Begin by addressing the root cause of moisture infiltration. Apply insulation paint to create a barrier against dampness while improving thermal efficiency. Additionally, use a dehumidifier for mould growth. This combination tackles both the symptoms and underlying issues, ensuring a dry and healthy indoor environment.

The durability of damp proofing depends on elements like material quality, environmental conditions, and upkeep. Generally, professional damp specialists in Louth provide treatments designed to last for many years, offering peace of mind against moisture intrusion. Builders in Louth may also integrate durable damp proofing measures during construction, ensuring prolonged protection for structures against damp-related issues.

Damp proofing costs for houses in Louth vary based on the extent of the issue and the size of the property. Damp surveys in Louth can be conducted to assess the specific needs and determine the most suitable, cost-efficient remedy for your home’s damp problem. Then, you’re free to consult with and hire your chosen damp specialist in Louth to ensure that you get accurate pricing tailored to your requirements.

Treating rising damp yourself can be challenging without proper expertise. However, some DIY methods like applying insulation paint or using a dehumidifier for mould may offer temporary relief. For a lasting solution, consider consulting a damp proofing specialist in Louth. They can assess the extent of the issue, recommend appropriate rising damp treatments—such as damp proof membrane installation—and ensure effective, long-term results for your property’s damp problems.