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Treatment of Rising Damp

Chemical Injection
Damp Proof Course (D.P.C.) methods are used to treat rising dampness within masonry walls and provide an effective barrier against rising damp in buildings which have no D.P.C. or a Failed D.P.C. Rising damp is usually recognised by a "tide mark" or moisture staining on the internal surface of the wall and usually rises up to 1-1.2m from floor level.

D.P.C. Chemical Injection Method
Drill 12mm diameter holes into masonry wall along the line of proposed D.P.C. and inject D.P.C. fluid to refusal into masonry walls as per BS 6576/05. This method is a specialist application and is covered by our written guarantee.

Unique water based gel for the treatment of rising damp

      • BBA approved.
      • No need for electric pumps on site.
      • Cartridge gun or compression pump application.




WYKAMOL'S Third generation" DPC formula is a ready to use, water based and water soluble thixotropic gel which diffuses naturally into damp substrates. After injection, Ultracure reacts to form a water repellent silicone resin network within the capillaries of the substrate. This network is permeable to water vapour which means that the walls can "breathe" and dry out naturally. The formulation is not reliant on alkalinity for effective curing. Ultracure can be used effectively to treat brick, stone and other substrates.


Other forms of damproofing treatments include:

  • Lectros Electro Osmotic D.P.C.
  • Damproofing using Thoroseal /Heydi method.
  • Damproofing using Newton Membrane Systems.

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