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Basement Tanking

Basement conversions are increasingly popular and here at Wykamol we have everything you need to complete the job. The key to success in any conversion project is to ensure the area is completely waterproof
– which is where Wykamol’s expertise becomes invaluable. With over 70-years experience in the market place we can supply everything you need to ensure a successful job. We have a complete range of treatments, waterproof membranes, sump pumps and drainage systems. All this means is that once neglected dank and mouldy basements can be transformed into wonderful cosy living areas. Clearly, when working below ground the quality and durability of materials is extremely important, which is why we offer two systems backed up by Agreement Board Certification.

Whatever system you go for, the technical and sales staff at Wykamol will always be happy to help you create dry, habitable rooms out of formerly overlooked basements. Using the complete Wykamol range can produce incredible results.

Increases in property value and the demand for floor space in offices, shops and residential uses in recent years makes it essential that all available space is put to good use. Cellars, Basements and under-step rooms are often overlooked, but they represent a valuable addition to your property if converted to a dry room. Rooms at basement level often have no damproof membrane with the result that water from the ground is able the penetrate through the walls and floors. Lack of ventilation in these areas means they remain constantly damp.

The Damp Store provide a fully guaranteed waterproofing service for your basement, cellar, and under step room.

Basement Tanking Methods

  • Thoroseal Tanking System.
  • Newton Mambrane system.
  • Heydi Tanking System.



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